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AABN:  37359
Title: a book entitled 'On Fairies: Green Men'

Of the High Faeries, few are more mysterious than the enigmatic entities
known as Green Men. Though few in number, they are highly respected for the
wisdom they garner over the course of their long, long lives. Green Men are
known to cast powerful druid spells. They are always male. It is suspected
they are the rare masculine aspect of dryads.

In appearance, Green Men stand between five and eight feet in height. They
have bark-like skin covered with green moss and lichen. Their beards and
hair are also made from moss. They have human-like facial features, with
prominent noses and deep-set eyes beneath craggy brows.

Green Men do not take proper names, or, if they do, they do not share them.
They are generally known by the region or terrain they inhabit. Examples
include the Green Man of the Mountain or the Green Man of the Swamp.

Green Men vary in disposition. Some gather entourages of lesser faeries and
rule over vast tracks of wilderness. Others prefer the company of ents. A
few live as solitary hermits. Most are benevolent to mortals, such as the
Green Man of the Greywater. However, some resent the destruction wrought by
men and are actively hostile towards them.

An interesting tale of the Green Men speaks of the Green Man of the
Glacier, who lived in the Wasserwald. It is said he taught a young Takari
princess how to make deadwood weapons - blades of masterful quality, with
handles of petrified wood and guards set with amber stones. Such weapons
are deadly to ents. Under the Green Man's supervision, the princess created
a two-handed sword, and upon finishing the weapon, beheaded her teacher.
She brought the secret to her people and many such weapons were forged. It
is said for this reason there are no ents to be found in the Dunn Hurr. The
magic of these weapons was studied and the formula adapted for men, and
Takari deathblades came to being.

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