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AABN:  37365
Title: a book called 'The Deep Dragon'

Deep dragons are said to be the most deadly of all dragons.  These great
beasts range in color from purples to deep blues to black.  They live and
hunt far underground, in caves and the Underdark.  They secrete powerful
acids to tunnel through rock. They are known to cast spells and use
illusions, and they leave behind nothing but an empty shell when slain.
They are also known to come to the surface in times of scarcity, and they
have wings and the ability to fly.

Besides their deadly abilities they are also known to be mischievious. They
can change to human form to run among unsuspecting mortals.  There is a
Legend of such a dragon that states she liked to destroy royal families. 
The legend goes something like this:

"Back in the days of old a deep dragon who was bored with hunting and 
slaying dark elves and creatures of the underdark, set forth into the land
above to destroy all royal families.  After destroying the Rubicons from
within, she set about to destroy the castle they left behind.  But she went
too far and was defeated not by one of royal blood but a commoner."

There has been no record of her since.  Perhaps she has been destroyed at
long last.

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