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AABN:  37367
Title: a book called 'Building a better tank'

The most important aspects of being a good tank are hitpoints and armor
class. In order to maximize your hitpoints you will want to get a 30 con. 
The best way to go about this is to level mage and cleric until you can get
a 30 wisdom.  Once you have this you will get six practices per level and
can start raising you constitution.  When you have 30 wis and con start
leveling warrior until it is your primary class then thief until it is your
secondary class.  It takes a lot of time but is more then worth it for a
great tank. As far as getting armor class to it's peak, compare all eq
including lower level enchanted equipment.  You may need to sacrifice hit
and damrolls for the ac but your ac will be great.

A footnote has been written in red:

The extreme focus on having a high wisdom to gain practices seems to have
been a common theme for this ancient era.  While these schemes seem almost
comical in modern times, the author was likely deadly serious when this
passage was written.  Perhaps the non-obvious consequences of this rule
(leveling the classes you don't want first) are what prompted the great and
tumultuous changes of the late second and early third centuries in the
reign of Dentin.  I am quite glad that such schemes are no longer needed.

-dess yasook 

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