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AABN:  37372
Title: a book called 'Brewing the best potions'

Spell Components are items with strong, latent magical powers.  They can be
powders, liquids, parts of other creatures, even certain types of stones,
dirts, or ash.  Spell components are the most common ingredient in potions,
but they can also be used to make poisons, antidotes and bolster the
potency of herbal salves and tinctures.  The level of a brew is often
dependent on the quality of the spell components used. A special spell
component known as Tornius's Reagent is often used as a filler to enhance
the potency of potions without altering the spells brewed. Moonlight
captured by druids can be turned into moondust, which can be used in the
same way. Some spell components may have an affinity for certain kinds of
spells. In addition to brews, these components can be used in special
applications such as explosives or bolster prepared undead minions against
elemental attacks.

Herbs are parts from plants and fungi that have latent magical powers.
Herbs are typically weaker than spell components, but certain types of
brews can not be brewed without them.  Salves and tinctures in particular
rely on herbal properties for their potency. It is said skilled cooks can
use herbs to add magical properties to the food they prepare.

Food of various kinds may also be added to brews, but food typically has a
very minor effect and is often used merely as a flavoring or a buffer.  Any
effect that food lends to a potion is most likely a of fungus, herbs or
seasonings in the food, not the food itself.

There are numerous recipes for potions. Most are public knowledge, made
available by the Alchemists' Guild. However, most commercial alchemists
have at least one proprietary recipe to encourage business. The ingredients
for these potions are jealously guarded against rivals.

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