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AABN:  37375
Title: a book called "The Demon Realm"

The Demon Realm is the fabled land from whence demons hail. It is said to
be made of many worlds, such as the Deadworlds, located in a distant plane.
In this plane, magic is stronger, and the inhabitants thereof are highly
magical as well. There are numerous stories of demons granting favors or
wishes, often in exchange for souls. These stories are no doubt related to
the reality that demons covet the lifeforce energy found in soulstones.

It is not known how many portals to the Demon Realm there are. Legends
speak of at least three. The first is said to be have been in the
Underdark, but destroyed long ago by the drow. With the area guarded by
dark elves, none have survived long enough to discovered the truth. The
second entrance is said to be through the labyrinth. This entrance is also
said to have been destroyed when the Dracolich took up residence. Rumors
say the third is still open but lost forever in the ruins of Merilon.

There are undoubtedly other ways to reach the Demon Realm. It is believed
that traveling through the Worlds of Chaos will eventually lead to the
Demon Realm. Others believe that the plane of elemental darkness contains a
hidden passage to the Demon Realm. 

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