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AABN:  37382
Title: a book called 'Psionic Blast'

Psionic Blast is a misnomer, carried over from ancient times of ignorance
before magical research had fully matured. True psionic abilities do not
exist outside of the Demon Realms. Even there they are little more than
parlor tricks.

Psionic blast is more accurately called "wild mana", "mana blast" or "mana
surge". This technique entails releasing a surge of magic into the local
mana fields. The roiling, uncontrolled magic batters into the mana reserves
of nearby creatures, stripping away some of their energy. The released mana
is absorbed into the local fields.

This ability is most often employed by highly magical sapient beings, such
as faeries, angels and demons. It is also employed by bizarre aberrant
beings from the Underdark such as aboleths. 

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