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AABN:  37383
Title: a book titled "The Wrath of Grimmath"

In the early years of the exploration of Sloe, many unsavory characters
made their way through the portals. They sought a new life, where they and
their crimes would be unknown. One of the most notable of these early
villains was a necromancer named Grimmath.

He is believed to have been a refugee from the fall of the Rubicon
Principality, when the main kingdom fell to chaos but before the
abandonment of Old Thalos. He was tall and handsome, with olive skin and
dark, curly hair. Walking with a stylish black cane, he made an impression
on all that saw him. Charismatic and cunning, he charmed his way into
becoming the caretaker of the then new Pellam Cemetery. There, he practiced
his craft secretly, at night, upon the bodies buried there.

His practices were eventually exposed by the priest from the Sloe Badlands
Chapel, who arrived in the predawn hours to witness Grimmath bargaining
with a demon over an exhumed corpse. The priest withdrew as quickly as he
could and returned at noon with an armed mob from Pellam and a company of
Red Raven mercenaries.

Grimmath was prepared for an attack, but not one of such intensity.
Skeletal guardians sprang into motion, slowing the mob while he attempted
to escape into the catacombs beneath the cemetery. He was struck by several
arrows, and was last seen stumbling down into the darkness. Several
attempts were made to locate him, but a pack of ghouls hampered the
searches. His body was never found, and it is assumed the ghouls, smelling
the blood from his injuries, slew and devoured him, leaving no trace.

Grimmath's plans are unknown, as none of his notes, if he had any, were
ever found. Several bodies that had been obviously mutilated in preparation
to be raised as undead were burnt.

Today, reports of hauntings around the Pellam Cemetery may be Grimmath's
legacy - undead constructs roused from uneasy graves by dark powers,
searching for their long-lost master.

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