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AABN:  37391
Title: a jade cube

This 'book' appears to be a solid block of jade, perhaps one foot on
each side. The etchings in its sides appear to have been made by
carefully applied acids, not chisels.

The top side tells of an expedition from Zin to the jungles ruled by
Kookian the monkey king.  In this distant place, the expedition found a
great pyramid.

The front side tells how the expedition  had to deal with the ancient
guardians of this place including the monkeys themselves.  The
expedition climbed the outer surfaces of the pyramid and reached the

The explorers' tale becomes disjointed on the third and fourth sides. 
The expedition met hordes of undead and found that beyond divine
holiness, few things harmed these creatures.  The expedition's mage, a
murlock named Fithis found that cold spells seemed to have the greatest
impact, though his notes seem to indicate that only the most powerful
were effective.

The fifth side tells how the expedition, reduced to Fithis the murlock
adept, Selantha the human priestess of Draak, and a great warrior Grash
(this last appears to be a phonetic representation of a trollish name)
fought their way back to the surface, only to be set upon by hordes of
monkeys infuriated that someone had violated such a taboo place.

The bottom side of the cube tells how the cube was brought by Fithis to
Zin, and later to Berzog, and how it was given to the mages of the Fire
Tower by a pupil of Fithis, one 'Gruge'.

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