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AABN:  37392
Title: a book called 'Clan FalconHand'

Elders : Tim, and Xper

Rules for clan inclusion:  At least 50 total levels with one class at 
least 22.  Willingness to help newbies.  General knowledge of major
areas of the mud.  Clan elder or other clan member designated will
take the applicant on a run to see basically how tough they are. 
Unofficial  requirement:  be a mostly nice person who doesnt get caught
up in trash  talk and clan wars etc.     History:  The concept of FH
began with the often controversal and  misunderstood James.  Sharak
(James), Healer, and Tim were the founders  of FH nearly 2 years ago. 
Since then the clan has had its ups and downs,  but has perservered to
become one of the survivors of the volatile clan  situation on Alter

Following the inactivity of the founders and major members, clan
Falconhand was destroyed. 

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