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AABN:  39506
Title: Legend Book I: Muramasa and Masamune

     Muramasa and Masamune

Two reputable weaponsmiths by the name of Muramasa and Masamune agreed one
day to have a contest, to see who could make the finer sword. Muramasa was
intent on winning the contest, and poured all of his spite for the other
blacksmith into his weapon. When the two met at the appointed place, Muramasa
dropped a handful of leaves over his sword. As the leaves fell across the
cruel blade, each one was cleanly severed in half. Confident that his was the
superior weapon, he bade Masamune to do the same. As the leaves fell over
Masamune's sword, however, they swirled in circles around the weapon, fearing
the keen edge of Masamune's magnificent blade. 

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