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AABN:  40096
Title: a lightly scorched letter

This letter is written on a piece of heavy parchment. The corners are
singed as if by fire. The handwriting is sloppy, but still legible. The
seal of the Ralnoth Museum is at the top of the letter. The body of it

Dear Celestial Sunsteed,

I have been studying magic for many, many years. I find myself without much
time for friends. I am so lonely, sometimes I find myself tempted to make
out with my own brother! I was wondering if you had any tips for meeting
people, particularly of the male variety.

If you could send me a list of dating ideas I would find it very helpful,
especially if they were organized in order of effectiveness. Alphabetical
order is also fine. Also any techniques you may know should the date be
successful would also be welcome.

I thank you for your time and look forward to writing you again soon.



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