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AABN:  42369
Title: a pamphlet labeled, "A Guide to Q'Ital"

The guide is printed on white parchment. It gives a list of historical
sights, architectural wonders and inns in the area before delving into a
brief history:

'Q'Ital is the easternmost outpost of Q'thelas.  Founded near the beginning
of the Age of Chaos, Q'Ital was a primarily a retreat for wealthy families,
especially mages, wizards and sorcerors.  The city was built after the same
manner as Q'Keen:  a small enclosed area with a gate in the north and south
walls, a tower in the southwestern corner, and fields outside the city.  The
population is estimated to have been about six hundred at its height.... (The
guide goes on at some length, describing the city as it was in ancient times)
At the beginning of the Age of Chaos, the city was abandoned.  The population
fled to Q'thelas from the invading demon armies.  The northeast corner of the
wall and north gate were demolished by invaders, who soon discovered the city
was empty.  They left it unplundered. They did, however dash down the altars
to Dentin and Islaine, smashing the altars to dust and hurling the icon of
Islaine north into the swamps.

After the defeat of the evil ones, Q'Ital became a gathering place for local
primitives.  Forest trolls and murlocks used it as a rendevous point.  It was
at Q'Ital that the last of the forest trolls in the region were defeated by
murlocks in the Troll War.  The barbarian peoples of the area stripped the
city of all remaining valuables, selling or trading them to more advanced
civilizations.  The Tower of Q'Ital remains the focal point for pilgrims and
researchers.  The scrying spell laid upon the Tower has lasted for centuries
on end without fading.  It is hoped that the magic used to create this unique
place will some day be rediscovered for the benefit of humankind everywhere.'

The primary places of interest listed are the Tower and City of Q'Ital, the
Skull of the Troll King (just northwest of Q'Ital), the desecrated Icon of
Islaine (sitting in the bogs west of the Skull), the Claw-wood Ent (just
south of Q'Ital) and the Wild Dryad Hunting Lodge (north of Gthl'rooj, for
food and lodging.)

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