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AABN:  4241
Title: a book entitled "The sound of one-hand clapping deep in the woods"

Understanding one's reason or purpose for existing on the material plane is
a complex process and one that has been the goal of intelligent life since
the dawn of time. One of the fundamental questions concerns perception
versus reality. Is what you see "real" or do you just perceive it as such?
Do things only exist when they are observed, and do they continue to exist
when they are no longer being observed?

If a tree falls deep in the woods where there is no one around does it
still make a sound? If a one armed man attempts to clap his hands will it
be audible on some level? Much can be said on these topics but to simplify
the subject the answers are yes and no, and the more complex question is
whose responsibility is it to rehouse the squirrels that were left homeless
when the tree fell.


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