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AABN:  4243
Title: a book entitled "Flora and Fauna of the Jade jungle"

A comprehensive and detailed guide to the many species of plant and animals
that inhabit the Jade Jungle on the south central mainland. The book
includes a full index and many fine illustrations.

Among the descriptions and pictures are the following highlights:

Ankheg: These are worm-like insect with chitinous plating and stubby legs
that usually live beneath the ground, but roam the surface when in search
of food.  They squirt a dangerous corrosive while attacking with their huge
mandibles.  Their acid sacs are valuable spell components for brewing.

Behir: These are twelve-legged reptiles with a tough purple hide and the
ability to naturally generate lightning bolts, which they use in mating
displays and for defence.  There is great magic in their horns, which are
often used for creating wands and staves related to lightning spells.

Bulette: Also known as landsharks, these are compact, stocky beasts that
are covered overlapping scales that are as hard as steel. They are
generally subterranean but will search the surface for food when hungry
enough.  Their hides can be forged into respectable armor by a skilled

Catoblepas: These animals look like cattle with bloated bellies that have
long prehensile necks and trunk-like legs like those of an elephant.  They
are mostly covered in fine green scales but have irregular tuffs of ragged
brown fur throughout their bodies.  Although they are herbivoes, they fight
vigorously when attacked and are famous for the dangerous confusion rays
they emit from their eyes during combat.

Dakon: These are ape-like, highly territorial beasts with black fur and a
aggressive attitude.  Males and females are equally dangerous.

Fell Roedeer: These are large cervids whose males sport distinctly large
antlers.  Their coats change color throughout the year, being black during
the winter, a dull brown in the spring and autumn, and a golden-brown
during the summer.  Their antlers are often using for weapons and

Hoot Owls: These are primarily nocturnal birds with mostly brown plumage.
Lesser hoot owls are common and pose no threat to humanoids, but the
greater variety are large enough to make off with horses and cattle and are
very dangerous.

Jade Falcon: These are large birds of prey with uniformly green plumage.
They are believed to be closely related to rocs.

Opinicus: These are composite beasts having the body of a lion and the head
of an eagle.  Though believed to be related to griffins, their front limbs
are leonine and they lack wings.

Snagglepuss: These are a variety of great cat similar to tiger, but they
have pink fur and black striping.

The book briefly touches on the sentient creatures of the jungle, including
gnolls, gray hags, murlocks, jungle giants, hill trolls, stone trolls,
tasloi goblins and wemics before listing numerous species of plants. 
Notable examples include the hangman and quickwood trees, which are
ambulatory and very aggressive.

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