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AABN:  4248
Title: a book entitled "Cracking the language code"

Since the dawn of time creatures of all kinds have struggled to
communicate. It is believed that one of the keys to evolving and thriving
as a species is to develop a language.

Language enables creatures to exchange information such as where dangers
lie or how best to utilize limited resources. Language leads to cooperation
amongst individuals which then leads to groups forming and survival is
often much more likely within groups than on a solitary level.

The diversity of language is testament to the instinctual concept of
creatures to communicate such that species develop their own methods of
communication and indeed their own simple and complex languages. 

The key to understanding other civilisations and indeed other species is to
be able to understand their language. So how do we crack the language code
and better understand those around us?

Throughout history once language was discovered, often soon after came the
methods of recording language in written form. This is where the key lies,
by acquiring as many forms of written language as possible and trying to
understand the words, symbols and gestures within it.

Historical accounts of worldwide events are often the best source of common
language. If the world experiences gigantic earthquake and it can be shown
that various collected writings from different cultures have documented
that, then common words within the languages can be identified and this can
help to decipher the language of others.

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