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AABN:  4249
Title: a book entitled "Shipwrecks of the known world"

Ever since the invention of the sailing vessel, explorers have been
navigating the seas of the world. And ever since these early days ships
have ended up at the bottom of the oceans, wrecked and destroyed, either by
natural means or through acts of war or other intervention.

As a result the sea beds are littered with forgotten treasures just waiting
to be discovered.

In the Southern Ocean to the east near Dikeman's Atoll lies the wreck of a
sailing ship that was rumoured to be carrying valuable spices when it sank.

In the central part of the Southern Ocean, an unknown pirate wreck in a
wide bay off the coast north east of Saithes Island is fabled to be the
resting place of cursed pirates escaping Atlantis.

In the Northern Ocean just a few leagues south west of the main landmass of
the continent of Ramanek lies the wreck of a sailing ship that is said to
have treasures in the cargo hold but is rumoured to be inhabited by deadly

Somewhere deep beneath the murky waters of a marsh on the island of
Hakahaka, there is a sunken ship where it is said a great undead beast
protects an item of great magical power.

If these sites weren't astonishing enough, there exists in the Ash Desert
near the acid tainted lakes a former sea, now dried and barren.  Within its
coral remains lies a great wreck that is home to a terrifying beast.

A ghost ship of the coast of Pthom Island, a wreck on the bed around the
whirlpool of Atlantis and many other hidden shipwrecks are out there
awaiting discovery and exploration.

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