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AABN:  43725
Title: a book titled "Ghostface Orcs"

The pages in this book sport very few creases and almost no smudges. The
paper it was scribed onto has turned slightly yellow with age, but has
been magnificently preserved. The leather cover is made of soft, brushed
hide, dyed a dark chestnut brown with the words "Ghostface Orcs" written
on the spine.

Flipping the book open, one finds it to be some kind of journal.

While traveling across this island I was captured by a tribe of evil
creatures known as ghostface orcs.

These orcs paint their face and head in a skull pattern and with their
jet black skin it gives the impression of floating disembodied skulls.

I learned that only those that are well skilled in the use of powerful
magic's, a master crafter in items that better the clan, or through
physical combat are allowed to paint their face and head.

I noticed they had captured several others that they use to mine for
them, as servants or to be used as sacrifices to their god Byung.

In time I was able to escape and overall I found them to be a filthy,
smelly, highly aggressive, and cruel group of orcs that are best avoided.

The Ranger Karlon

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