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AABN:  45771
Title: the book of legends, The Island of Seriphus

 Off the eastern shore of the Ramanek continent, we recently discovered
an island. The Ramanek continent can be reached by boat from the fishing
village, which is north of Ralnoth. The island was large and had some
mean looking guardians. Our team couldn't get past the two guardians or
through the large gates. We finally killed the guardians, but they held
no key to the gates. We went back to the shore and spoke to an elder that
gave us some advice on how to start Our quest. So now it's off to find
the item that unlocks the gates and get supplies for our trip. Well we
found the item that opens the gates. Then worked our way back to the
island. After a long battle we bested the guards and entered the gates.
We found creatures of all sorts and most very nasty and not liking our
presence. We fought hags, scorpions, winged beasts, gorgons, a sea
monster and many others. Finally we found the throne room, with the king
and his servant. Many of our group died and the rest of us fled. We have
decided not to go back, for our group is not strong enough. Still I
wonder what treasure awaits those that get past the king. 

Tarlos **Explorer for the dragon elves** 

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