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AABN:  46575
Title: a book entitled, 'Meet the Jann'

This is a children's book.  Each page has a realistically drawn
illustration with a caption.

(Page 1)

The picture is of a windswept desert scene with a large white tent.  A
large family of humanoids with black hair and olive skin wearing tan robes
stands in front of it.  The caption reads:

Meet the Jann

by Tamara Ghostwriter, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Pedagogy

(Page 2)

The second page has a cloud against a blue sky with large, muscular
humanoid clothed in a purple vest.  He is bald but has a long brown beard. 
The lower half of his body is concealed by a miniature tornado that
surrounds him.  The caption reads:

The jann are a race of fairy folk descended from the mighty Djinn.  There
are four tribes of jann.

(Page 3)

This page has a caravan of camel-lead wagons traveling through the desert. 
A male janni stands at the front of the caravan with his arms aloft and his
hands glowing, as if casting a spell.   Sand is shown parting in front of
him.  The caption reads:

Meet the Danajahil tribe.  The Danajahil look most like their Djinni
ancestors and use wind magic.  They are friendly and wise.

(Page 4)

This illustration on this page depicts a few female jann with crooks
herding goats with a tent nearby against a mountainous backdrop.  It is
nighttime, and each janni is holding a small ball of light in the hand that
is not holding a crook.  The caption reads:

Meet the Jammu tribe.  The Jammu live in the Ash Mountains and use fire
magic.  They are very proud and do not like it when others tell them what
to do.

(Page 5)

This picture shows a very dark-skinned janni couple with yellow eyes in
front of the mouth of a mine.  The female is emptying a barrel of dirt to
one side, while the male carries a huge sphere of metal on his back away
from the mine.  The caption reads:

Meet the Dao tribe.  The Dao live in the Mines of Minos near West Naginag. 
They use earth magic to mine for iron and work very hard.

(Page 6)

The last page has a grinning, blue-skinned janni with glowing red eyes on a
sandy beach.  He is pointing ahead with one hand, and a tidal wave is
coming up behind him, ready to head in the direction that he is pointing. 
The caption reads:

There once was another tribe of jann called the Padawani.  They were cruel,
and they wanted to use their water magic to drown everyone on land.  The
other jann destroyed them in order to protect the world from their evil

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