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AABN:  46576
Title: the Big Book of Murlocks

The Big Book of Murlocks

by Tamara Ghostwriter, Deputy Minister of the Naginag Ministry of Pedagogy

Murlocks are a race of people that live all over the world.  They are
amphibious, meaning that they can breathe both air and water.

To many people, murlocks look like large frogs or toads.  Murlocks do not
look like elves, humans, halflings or even nagas.  Some children are
frightened by their appearance, but there is nothing to fear!  Murlocks may
not make the same facial expressions as you, but they have feelings, hopes
and passions, just like everyone else.  Try talking to the next murlock you
meet.  Chances are that he wants to be your friend!

In faraway parts of the world, murlocks are called different by names, like
bullywugs or toadlings.  Most of these murlocks are not friendly like those
who live in the Naginag Combine.

Murlocks come in many different shapes and colors.  Most murlocks of the
same tribe are the same color.  Some murlocks live in freshwater, which can
be found in lakes, rivers and streams, while other murlocks live in
saltwater like the ocean.

Murlocks are very skilled at druidic magic.  Each murlock tribe specializes
in a certain kind of magic (although a couple practice more than one).  The
types of murlock magic are: hydromancy, which uses water, geomancy, which
uses dirt, sand or stone, phytomancy, with uses plants, or zoamancy, which
uses animals for spells.

The different tribes of murlocks in the Naginag Combine are as follows:

Behr'rooj (bear roosh) - The Behr'rooj are murlocks that live deep in the
ocean.  They can be many different colors, but most of them are light blue.
They are the largest tribe of murlocks.  Behr'rooj spellcasters can be
both geomancers or hydromancers.

Dje (duh jay) - The Dje murlocks live near a well named after their tribe
in the Wilderness of Zin.  They are very protective of their well.  They
have brown skin.  Dje spellcasters are geomancers.

D'nogal (duh no gal) - The D'nogal live on an island in the southern ocean
that is named after them.  They have yellow colored skin.  The D'nogal are

Gthl'rooj (gith thill roosh) - The Gthl'rooj are green murlocks that live
in the swamps.  The Gthl'rooj are close to nature and are friends with
trees, and their spellcasters are phytomancers.  They are the second-most
populous murlock tribe.

Gumrooj (gum roosh) - The Gumrooj are yellow murlocks that like to make
artwork out of clay.  They live near the K'tinga River.  Gumrooj
spellcasters are phytomancers.

Gurl'gn (girl genn) - The Gurl'gn are green murlocks that farm neas in the
K'tinga River.  Their spellcasters are phytomancers.

K'tinrooj (kih tin roosh) - The K'tinrooj are yellow colored murlocks. 
They like to make jewelry.  K'tinrooj murlock spellcasters practice

Luglugl (lug lug gill) - The Luglugl live in the city of Behr'zok.  They
are mostly red colored.  Luglugl murlocks are very good with animals, and
their spellcasters practice zoamancy.

Managul Pli (man nuh gull plee) - The Managul Pli are orange murlocks that
live on Eastern Island.  Their spellcasters are zoamancers.

Mui'rooj (moo ee roosh) - The Mui'rooj are a tribe of blue murlocks.  They
are the most friendly and helpful of murlocks.  The Mui'rooj are closely
related to the Behr'rooj.  They can breathe saltwater but prefer
freshwater.  They practice geomancy.

Ooahu (ooh ah hoo) - The Ooahu live near West Naginag.  They are green
colored and enjoy gardening.  The Ooahu have both geomancers and
phytomancers in their tribe.

Sas'kwal (sass quall) - The Sas'kwal are blue murlocks that live with their
friends, the Dje tribe.  Sas'kwal spellcasters are geomancers.

U'lugl - (uh lug gill) - The U'lugl murlocks have brown warty skin and live
in the hills.  They care deeply about their families.  The U'lugl like to
sculpt statues out of stone.  They grow crystals that they sell to other
murlocks for neas so they can bake neas pastries.  The U'lugl spellcasters
are geomancers.

U'ra (ooh rah) - The U'ra are proud and strong.  They are very tall, and
they have tails.  The U'ra like shiny things and mine for gold underground.
They use very little magic, but what little they have is geomancy.

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