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AABN:  46850
Title: a book entitled, 'The Green Elves'

The green elf race first came into being when elves from Trinsic settled
the forest north of the Green River, which was then known as the North
Thalenwood.  Although these elves lived nominally under the rule of the
Kingdom of Thalenwood, the elven settlers highly valued their independence,
and the Trinsic government had very little influence in their day-to-day
lives.  The green elves were further sundered from their brethren when the
Rubicons settled on the banks of the Green River and drove the elves
northward to Wallachia.  From henceforth, those fiercely independent elves
were known as the "green elves".  (Contrary to popular belief, green elves
are named after the Green River, not because of the color of their hair!)

The majority of green elves have green hair, although some have blond or
brown hair.  They also like to style living branches and flowers into their
hair as decorations, and it is a mark of pride as to who can keep their
hair plants alive the longest.  They have yellow, green or light brown
eyes. Green elves are generally about a head shorter than high elves.

Green elves are a very independent people that value personal
responsibility and freedom over all else.  They are physically weaker than
other races of elves, but they are strong-willed and cunning.  Green elves
mix well with centaurs and humans but are suspicious of other races.

Dentin is the chief deity worshiped by the green elves.

Green elves use traditional names borrowed from their high elf ancestors,
although suceeding generations have had a tendency to shorten those name to
the point that many green elves have monosyllabic monikers.

There are currently three communities with large green elf populations. 
Wallachia City is almost exclusively inhabited by green elves.  The
majority of the denizens of the village of Vom are green elves, and green
elves form the ruling class of the city of Radobaj and are about one third
of the city's population.  All of these communities are in Wallachia.

Since humans also inhabit Wallachia, the green elves' culture has evolved
in tandem with human culture since their arrival to the region.  As a
result, their attitude toward nature, warfare and philosophy more closely
resembles that of humans than that of other elves.  A number of half-elves
have sprung up due to the mingling of green elves and humans, and these
crossbreeds are well-received compared to those of other elven races. Green
elves do share some of their old elven legends, including their origins by
the Tree of Sentience and tales of the Fairy Lords in the east.

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