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AABN:  47601
Title: a book entitled, "Between Empires: The Wizard-Kings of Q'Inag"

After the fall of Q'thelas in the Great Wars, the Quelese were little more
than a wandering tribe. For many years they searched the ruins of their old
settlements for survivors and supplies. They came to the Isle of Q'Inag and
the virtually untouched outpost there. They founded a colony and formed a
democracy that lasted roughly a century. In the ensuing power struggle, one
man stepped forward. With careful doses of diplomacy and intimidation,
Cazshalin Mage-Eye became first Wizard-King of Q'Inag in 293 Before
Combine. Under his rule, the government became a magocratic monarchy.

262 BC    Cazshalin I is poisoned by an unknown assassin and dies. His son,
Cazshalin II succeeds him.

253 BC    Cazshalin II reforms the Quelese Grand Army. Officers are
equipped with weapons and armor 'of old'

216 BC    Cazshalin II is slain in a wizards' duel. The victor, Rassu Od,
becomes King of Q'Inag.

151 BC    Rassu Od dies of old age, leaving the throne to his son, Mesco
the Magnificent.

150 BC Mesco I orders the repair and expansion of Q'Inag's coastal
fortress, which becomes known as Mesco's Wall.

128 BC    Mesco I contracts a virulent disease and dies. His son, Mesco II,
succeeds him.

107 BC    The dragon Draj is awakened by the Ubarites. Fearing the tales of
the Storm Wyrm, Mesco II breeds the first Ha-naga from draconic stock.

90 BC    Mesco II is seduced by and marries Jaluna, supposedly a powerful
Jali sorceress. Later the same year, she bears him half-dragon son,
revealing her true identity as the dragon Draj, polymorphed into human
shape. Draj returns to her true form and flees into the Rud'Jali Desert.
Scholars at the time speculate that Draj was attempting to place an heir on
the Silver Throne, thinking that while in human form, she could bear a
human child. The child, named Dreog, is sent to Sutton Vu to be raised by
the Order of Harmony. 

89 BC   Mesco II is assassinated on the Silver Throne. His eldest son of a
previous marriage takes the throne as Mesco III. The people rebel, killing
the Ha-naga, save one who escaped to the mainland. The Grand Army reasserts
control, and the coup is ended.

83 BC   News of the Battle of the Dragon reaches Q'Inag, prompting Mesco
III to hire mercenary dragon-slayers to kill Draj. The campaign is a
fiasco, as none of the 'slayers' return.

73 BC   Mesco III is betrayed by his master chef and poisoned. Jaol the
Just, the chief stewart, becomes King of Q'Inag

71 BC   Jaol the Just, under accusations of his lack of magical talent, is
forced to abdicate. The throne is left to Tornius I, the Royal Alchemist. 

70 BC   Tornius I marries Kalina, a cleric of Schlyne, and becomes obsessed
with necromancy. He begins to assemble corpses to build an army of the
dead. An expedition is sent to K'tin Lake to recover material for making
blackware, but is turned back by the armies of the Luz Confederation.

65 BC    Westfall founded by refugees from Q'Inag and immigrants from the
Dunn Hurr.  They willfully become a client village of the monks of Sutton
Vu in exchange for their protection. The Rambert family establishes the
Duchy of Westfall and begins construction on Castle Rambert.

61 BC   Tornius I and his wife are slain by their son, Tornius II. Digusted
by his father's actions, Tornius II has all his father's preparations
destroyed. He is coronated King. In Westfall, Castle Rambert is completed.

44 BC An attack by Takari wizards demolishes the old palace. Tornius II
slays the Duke of Takar and devastates his city. Tornius II erects the
Menagerie Orbs atop Mesco's Wall to shield Q'Inag from future magical
attacks. The Silver Palace is rebuilt on the southeast corner of Q'Inag.

37 BC   The Troll War in the Murlock Swamp. Tornius II leads an
expeditionary force to try to seize Q'Ital and is repelled. Tornius II
falls in battle, and his son, Tornius III, ascends the Silver Throne. 

20 BC   Tornius III dies from a curse laid on him by a priest of Schylne.
His son, Santaheim I, takes the throne.

10 BC   Bred from unknown stock, Santaheim I secretly creates the first
nagas to act as his personal guard. Disguised as human women, their numbers
grow over the next decade.

1 BC   Santaheim I dies under mysterious circumstances and is succeeded by
Santaheim II. The nagas, aided by anti-monarchy rebels, religious zealots
and the renegade merchant houses Azgalor and Gilasgalow, overthrow
Santaheim II, and the line of Wizard-Kings is ended.

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