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AABN:  47602
Title: a book entitled, "Religion in the Naginag Combine"

The Naginag Combine officially recognizes worship of a most of the deities
of the High Pantheon.

Official Pantheon:

Dentin, the Creator
Talos, the Destroyer
Squeak, god of Night, patron of rats
Dowart, the Judge
Schlyne, goddess of Death
Xandar, god of Nature
Shadowfax, god of Fire
Draak, god of Ice
Cygnii, god of Lies
Morpheus, god of Dreams
Seth, god of Serpents, patron of nagas

In addition, a variety of religious organizations worship gods not
embraced by the Combine government. These gods have registered cults
and enjoy freedom of worship protected by law.

Minor Cults:

Tarrant, servant of Squeak
Grolantor, god of Adventure and Alcohol
Mutt, god of Canines
Wyvren, goddess of Legend
Byung, goddess of Blood
Shift, patron of Thieves
Reorx, patron of Warriors
Islaine, goddess of Valor
Glorida, goddess of the Sky

All other deites are not officially recognized by the Naginag Combine.
Accordingly, any organization dedicated to entities not listed are not
eligible  for tax-exempt status or state-mandated religious persecution
prevention programs, nor are they guaranteed freedom of worship. Nevertheless,
a few gods have have sizeable followings, with specific centers of worship.

Local Deities:

The God of Love (Natchsburg)
Igneous, god of the Desert and Flame (Rud'Jali Desert)

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