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AABN:  47607
Title: a book entitled, "The Seven Mages"

Long ago, the Dragon Emperor sent forth human servants from his hidden
realm in Suboria to explore the mainland of Atmir. They were shipwrecked.
Unable to return, they spread across the southern lands. Over many
generations they split into diverse peoples.

One of these new races of men mingled their bloodlines with elves. They
blended their culture and language together. They became known as the
Quelese. They founded a great city that became known as Q'thelas.

When the Quelese flourished, the world was young and highly favored of the
gods. Faeries roamed wild and free, and mighty dragons patrolled the skies.
Even angels were known to visit the earth.

The prosperity and righteousness of the Quelese attracted the notice of
seven angels of great knowledge and power. They came to the people Q'thelas
and offered to teach them in the divine arts. They became attendents of the
Court of the Silver Throne. They gathered large numbers of students and
taught them the arts of magecraft, healing and necromancy.

The prosperity of Q'thelas did not escape notice of demons, either. When
the Great Wars descended, Q'thelas fought long and hard for the Pantheon of
Dentin. The city fell, partially due to the treachery of Vascaranth, one of
the Seven Mages.

The remainder of the Seven Mages fled. It is not known where they went or
even if they remain in the world of mortals.

This is wisdom, that you may know the names of the Seven Mages and the arts
they taught:

Noou       - poisons and blood magic
Danor      - force and illusion magic
Voghu      - elemental crystal magic
Denevash   - elemental lightning magic
Kami       - elemental ice magic
Radagath   - elemental fire magic and golemcraft
Vascaranth - necromancy and shadow magic (rumored to be a vesper)

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