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AABN:  47609
Title: a book entitled, "The History of the Naginag Combine: Volume I"

With the success of the nagas' rebellion against the Wizard-Kings, the
people of Q'Inag enjoyed greater freedom than they had had for centuries.
All political and military leadership was entrusted to the nagas by the
people of the Isle as a reward for their popular rebellion.  The nagas
quickly consolidated power and named their new government the Naginag
Combine. Dates are now figured as RA, Reign of Azshara.

1 RA  Nagas rewrite Q'Inag laws and reorganize the government and military.
 They change the name of their island to Naginag and declare Azshara the
Rebel as Queen of the Naginag Combine.  A new religion worshiping the snake
god Seth is introduced by the nagas.

2 RA  The Naginag Combine modernizes its military with iron weapons and
armor.  Since the few boats that Q'Inag possessed had been destroyed during
the rebellion, Queen Azshara swims across the Behr'rooj Channel to reckon
with the inhabitants of the mainland.  She encounters the last living
Ha-naga in the Ash Mountains.  Queen Azshara bargains for the governorship
of Westfall with the Order of Harmony in disguise.

3 RA  Queen Azshara returns to the Isle of Naginag.  The Naginag Combine
peacefully annexes Westfall and renames it West Naginag.  The newly created
First Legion, led by Field Marshall Tabatha, leaves Naginag and occupies
West Naginag.  Tabatha offers the Ooahu the opportunity to join the Naginag
Combine, which they refuse.

4 RA  The Naginag Combine attacks the Ooahu.  The Ooahu abandon their
settlements and retreat to the Mengaw Forest.  The Second Legion, made up
of volunteers from West Naginag and monks from the Order of Harmony, is
formed and occupies Ooahu colonies. A horde of barbarian humanoids trying
to take advantage of the fighting attempts to invade West Naginag but is
rebuffed.  The First Legion moves north into the mountains to suppress the

5 RA  The Sas'kwal begin to pay tribute to the Naginag Combine.  The First
Legions descends from the mountains into the southern Dunn Hur, crushing
all resistance by the barbarians.  Field Marshall Tabatha is given the
title 'Trollbane'.

6 RA  The Third Legion, made of volunteers from Naginag encouraged by the
Combine's military successes, is created.  Led by Queen Azshara herself,
the Third Legion begins preparing a naval fleet.  The Sarce Commune and
Naginag Combine declare war on one another.  After two major battles on the
shores of the K'tinga River, the First Legion lays siege to Zin.

7 RA  The First Legion moves into the Wilderness of Zin.  The Dao, Sel'juk,
Jammu, Dje and various janni and murlock clans are defeated by the First
Legion.  The Dje are forced to settle at the well that bears their name,
and survivors from other tribes flee to the Sarce Commune.

8 RA  The Second Legion attacks the Ooahu in the Mengaw Forest, who
surrender and are forced to resettle their largest village. The First
Legion continues to besiege Zin.

9 RA  Zin falls to the Naginag Combine's armies.  They sack Zin and burn it
to the ground, leaving only the temple (which would not burn).  All Sarce
found in the city are slain.  Remaining Sarce armies flee north to
Sallipis.  The Dao are captured and relocated to the iron mines of West
Naginag.  The Sel'juk and Jammu escape into the Wilderness of Zin.

10 RA  The First Legion moves north along the K'tinga River.  The Sultanate
of Ubar, fearing invasion, sends a massive army to contend with the First
Legion.  They battle at Sallipis, where the Naginag Combine suffers its
first defeat.  Field Marshall Tabatha Trollbane is slain in battle.  The
First Legion falls back to the Well of Dje.

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