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AABN:  47610
Title: a book entitled, "The History of the Naginag Combine: Volume II"

11 RA  The Third Legion makes landfall at Ooahu.  Queen Azshara commissions
the Fourth Legion, made up mostly of murlock conscripts.  Queen Azshara
appoints General Reraroca the Rock head of the Fourth Legion and takes
command of the First Legion.  General Pilar is appointed Field Marshall and
takes command of the Third Legion.  Leaving the Second Legion under the
care of the Monks of Order of Harmony, the rest of the Combine armies begin
to sweep south into the Murlock Swamp. The Gthl'rooj lead a confederation
of swamp murlocks against the Legions and are defeated.

12 RA  The murlocks organize a defense to resist the Naginag Combine at the
Q'Ital ruins and are defeated.  The Luglugl ally with the Naginag Combine
and begin to attack their neighbors.  Combine Legions advance on the
Gurl'gn Fields, and the Gurl'gn tribe surrenders without bloodshed.

13 RA  The conquered murlocks living in the swamps are relocated to
Gthl'rooj.  After a thousand years of slumber, the claw-wood ent awakens
and assumes mayorship of Gthl'rooj.  The Naginag Combine armies battle
alongside the Luglugl against the Mui'rooj and secure the K'tinga River
delta.  The Gumrooj attack the Third Legion at the Gurl'gn Fields but are
repelled.  More soldiers are conscripted in Naginag, and the Fifth Legion
is organized under the direction of High Priestess Zelda the Half-Elf. The
Luglugl organize their armies into the Sixth Legion, led by their champion

14 RA  The Fifth Legion uses the warships built before by the Third Legion
to invade D'nogal Isle.  The Managul Pli ally with the Naginag Combine and
yield Eastern Island to the Fifth Legion.  The First, Fourth and Sixth
Legions attack the U'lugl and conquer their settlement.  The First Legion
descends to the K'tinga River while the Fourth and Sixth Legions proceed to
hunt down the U'ra.

15 RA  The First Legion conquers the Gumrooj and forces them to settle. 
The First, Second and Third Legions reoccupy Zin.  The Fourth and Sixth
Legions continue to battle the U'ra with mixed success.

16 RA  The Sultan of Ubar is assassinated, and a new government friendly to
the nagas is organized under an Emirate.  Ubar allies with the Naginag
Combine, and the First Legion crosses the Rud'Jali Desert to occupy Ubar. 
The Second and Third Legions attack Sallipis and take the fortress at great
loss of life.  The Sarce Commune is utterly destroyed as a functional
nation.  General Reraroca the Rock is slain in battle by the U'ra, and
Captain Saracen is promoted and assumes command of the Fourth  Legion.

17 RA  The Seventh Legion, under the command of General Mohammed Abdul
Alhazared, is organized at Ubar and dispatched to Sallipis along with the
First Legion.  The Naginag Combine makes overtures of alliance to the
inhabitants of the K'tin Lake and Nachtsburg and are refused.  The Sas'kwal
cease paying tribute to the Combine.  Haun Gillespie, with a company of
entrepreneurs, laborers and mercenaries, leaves Nachtsburg to found a
colony along the Southern Ocean in the Goldenleaf Forest.

18 RA  T'man'ama strangles the U'ra chieftain Short-Tail with his bare
hands, crushing the last of the U'ra resistance in the southern hills, and
the Fourth Legion marches to Zin while the Sixth Legion quarters at the
K'tinga River delta.  The Second Legion is dispatched to deal with the
Sas'kwal.  The Behr'rooj make a nominal alliance with the Naginag Combine
and begin constructing a great city in the K'tinga River Delta, building on
the site of the Luglugl's chief settlement and former Mui'rooj towns. The
people of Nachtsburg, foreseeing invasion, build fortifications around
their city.

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