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AABN:  47611
Title: a book entitled, "The History of the Naginag Combine: Volume III"

19 RD  Using material salvaged from Sallipis, the Combine military begins
constructing a fort on the upper K'tinga River in preparation for the
invasion of Nachtsburg and K'tin Lake.  The Combine peacefully annexes
Haun's Mill, and the murlocks of the Jade Jungle begin to pay tribute to
the Naginag Combine.  The Second Legion attacks and defeats the Sas'kwal,
and the Sas'kwal are forced to relocate and settle at the Well of Dje.  A
fortress, named Minetown, is built upon an old gold mine to be used to
later house captured U'ra.  K'tin, Sel'juk, Jammu and human rebels
congregate in Nachtsburg and prepare for battle against the Combine.

20 RD  The Fourth Legion repels subterfuge and outright attacks by the
Sashala.  The First, Third and Seventh Legions begin their assault on
Nachtsburg.  The enemy forces engage five times throughout the year, each
battle resulting in heavy casualties.  Field Marshall Pilar earns the title
'Skullcrusher' for her fury in battle. General Od dies in battle, and the
master monk Gaia takes command of the Second Legion.

21 RD  The Second Legion joins the fray against the armies of Nachtsburg. 
Field Marshall Pilar Skullcrusher dies in battle, and Captain 'Lucky'
Tanaval is promoted and takes command as General of the Third Legion.  The
furious Legions launch an all-out assault against Nachtsburg but still fail
to take the city.  The Fifth Legion quells an uprising on D'nogal Isle.

22 RA  The Fourth Legion pursues the Sashala into the desert and drives
them into the Salt Flats.  The confederate armies of jann, murlocks and
humans are defeated by the Naginag Combine, and they retreat into
Nachtsburg.  The Legions lay siege to the city.

23 RA  Nachtsburg falls to the Naginag Combine.  The K'tin and some human
refugees flee to the K'tin Lake, and the remaining Sel'juk and Jammu flee
into the Wilderness of Zin.  The Fourth Legion pursues the murlocks and
jann in the Wilderness of Zin, while the First, Second, Third and Seventh
Legions prepare to make war on the inhabitants of K'tin Lake.

24 RD  Behr'zok is completed, and the Luglugl move into the citadel.  The
Gurl'gn are invited to dwell in Behr'zok, and the Mui'rooj are forced to
relocate there.  Some Behr'rooj also settle in Behr'zok.  The Second Legion
returns to West Naginag to defend against another invasion of barbarians
from the Ash Mountains, while the First, Third and Seventh Legions attack
the K'tin and other refugees at K'tin Lake.  The rebels are dispersed, and
many flee underground, underwater into K'tin Lake and into the mountains.
Castle Luz is torn down and utterly destroyed.  Some mountain murlocks make
war on the Legions and are summarily defeated.  Internal disputes cause the
remnant of the K'tin tribe to split into the anti-Combine K'tinga and the
K'tinrooj.  The K'tinrooj surrender and petition for Combine citizenship. 
They are accepted and allowed to settle the rebuilt Sallipis, which is
renamed after them.

25 RD  Queen Azshara is assassinated by Nachtsburg freedom fighters, and
Princess Ha-Azshara is coronated as the new Queen of the Naginag Combine.
General 'Lucky' Tanaval takes command of the First Legion and sends the
Third Legion back to the Isle of Naginag.  Dates are now figured as RH,
Reign of Ha-Azshara. 

1 RH  Depredations by Draj prompt an massive counter-attack on the dragon's
lair by the Fourth Legion. After three months of heavy casualties the Storm
Wyrm is slain by General Ilsidar Dragonslayer, and the outpost of Draj is
established at her former lair.  The Combine can no longer expand and
begins a period of consolidation and construction.

2 RH  The Eighth Legion is formed to appease the barbarian peoples around
Natchsburg.  The Legion's ranks quickly swell with troll, orc, ogre, jann
and gnoll mercenaries. The greater whole of the Eighth Legion is dispatched
to occupy Minetown and the surrounding wastelands after numerous coups by
the U'ra. The remainder of the Eighth garrisons Haun's Mill.

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