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AABN:  47612
Title: a book entitled, "The Academic Word Bomb of Tym'coob'coob the Tolo'trid"

This is the record made from an interview of a Tolo'trid taken captive by the
Quelese Grand Army near the beginning of the Great Wars. A cleric was
called to interrogate the creature, who identified itself as Tym'coob'coob.
After giving its name, it refused to answer any further questions and began
to babble (or as some versions report, sing) the following:

"Mathematically impossible for a Genius or any Immortal to match my Wisdom. 
Opposites create Opposites. 
Mom and Dad opposites create son & daughter opposites. 
Opposite Creators required depicted by Rock World's opposite hemispheres. 
Opposites create the universe. 
Opposites compose the Rock World. 
Opposites compose humanity. 
Opposites create your body. 
Singularity can't procreate, you are taught singularity. 
Singularity is death worship and damnation of humanity. 
The universe and all within it is composed of opposites. 
Believing is not knowing - but evil that ignores facts. 
as POSITIVE ONE and NEGATIVE ONE are antipodes equating a zero existence. 
Three Dimensions is erroneous and stupid math without a fourth corner 
perspective dimension:

 "Shadow world equals First Corner!
 Fire world equals Second Corner!
 Ice world equals Third Corner!
 Rock world[the material plane] equals Fourth Corner!

"It is imperative that you know what you don't know, but what you know
will not allow you to know what you don't know.
Stupid and evil people call me Crazy! 
Singularity education begets evil, for you were born as an opposite, between 
opposite sexes and the opposite poles. 
You are educated as a stupid golem slave to the evil Word Dentin Singularity 
Brotherhood. You build the hell 'they' teach. 
Do you enjoy being stupid?
Universe is composed of opposite hemispheres and opposite sexes - equating to 
positive and negative, a zero existence, depicted by Pyramid's bare coffer. 
All creation within the universe is composed of opposite hemispheres and 
opposite sexes with opposite races, opposite seasons, opposite luck, opposite 
directions and opposite perspectives - equating a harmonic rotating zero 
value existence.
Zero value existence equals Void.
Void equals nothing.
Opposites show Void already composes all the universe and you are too stupid 
and evil to realize you don't exist.

"To know all, is to know nothing". 

Upon uttering this final phrase, Tym'coob'coob lit itself on fire and spent
the next two days rolling around on the floor burning to death. The stench,
as one guard reported it, was "positively ghastly, like taking a piss on a
sulfur-fed campfire after drinking too many spirits."

Tym'coob'coob's ashes were scattered in the region now known as the Swamps of
Sorrow and are believed to be the origin of the curse of that region.

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