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AABN:  47614
Title: a book entitled, "Ancient Quelese Burial Practices"

Archaic Period

These consist of aboveground, human-style burials with headstones, kept
near settlements. There are usually underground crypts on the premises. The
crypts are almost never sealed. These were usually well-maintained and some
were even used by other civilizations after the Quelese receded to Q'Inag.

Examples: The Zin Cemetery, The Q'Ital Tomb

Late Archaic Period

After several centuries, the last of the "pure-blood" elves died out among
the Quelese, prompting nostalgia for elven burial traditions. Larger
underground tombs occupying natural caverns are built mimicking faerie and
High Aalf funerary complexes, often with masoleums and small necropoli on
the surface. These tend to be farther from settled areas. Mummification
begins to become popular during this time, but many different burial
traditions are practiced. Unmaintained, these tombs often became infested
with undead after the fall of Q'thelas.

Examples: Crematorium of Pai, Tomb of Alspacus, Q'Keen Crypts, Rud'Jali
Oasis Crypts

High Machine Period

A mixture of large and small underground crypts began to be constructed,
typically with nothing above ground except for carved entrances. They exist
far from settled areas. Under the influence of the Seven Mages, these
almost always had guardians, ranging from simple clay golems to
sophisticated mechanical constructs. Mummification was almost universal by
this time.

Examples: Q'monmwer, Sarce Plains Crypts, Hennepin Canyon Tombs

Sacred Necromancy Period

These large underground crypts are very similar to the those of the High
Machine Period, with the addition of delibrately created undead, a practice
learned from the Seven Mages and other angelic beings. These are largely in
the form of mummies. These mummies are usually dormant unless awakened by a
tomb guardian, which ranged from a single mummy that kept watch to advanced
golems to oathsworn angels. These tombs were always sealed.

Examples: Nueva Granada Tomb, Q'Inag Catacombs

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