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AABN:  48722
Title: a book called 'An Overview of Wallachia'

An Overview of the Wallachia, by Chancellor Argus Bithel

Wallachia is the name given to a large section of land northwest of
Ralnoth. Greater Wallachia is the eastern and larger portion, comprised of
flat terrain covered with forest.  Lesser Wallachia is the smaller half,
encompassing the hills and bogs in the west. It includes Mount Glas.

The province of Wallachia is populated primarily by centaurs, elves and
humans.  The centaurs dwell in their own village called Skerrit's Haven on
the shores of the Northern Ocean.  The greater part of the elves live in
the tree-town of Wallachia City in southern Greater Wallachia.  The
inhabitants of the city of Radobaj in central Greater Wallachia are mostly
human but ruled by an elven upper class.  The village of Vom is a small
intergrated village of elves and humans living together in the foothills of
Lesser Wallachia. The village is under the control of an alliance of local
companies known as Vom Industries.

Wallachia City produces wooden and mithril goods, which are then shared
with the rest of the world through the markets of Ralnoth.  Radobaj is a
nexus for local farmers, who cooperate in the sale and export of their
high-yield, low-maintenance foodstuffs such as grapes and stonefruit.  Vom
is a mining town, where they dig for iron ore and diamonds, though they
also have a growing wool industry.  The chief exports of Skerrit's Haven,
when the centaurs care to trade with others, are worked iron goods, such as
armors, tools and weapons.

Wallachia gained its name from elven colonists in the last days of the Age
of Chaos, who considered the outpost where Wallachia City is now to be
their northernmost border.  After being sundered from their elven brethern
by the Rubicons, the green elves moved north and re-settled, transforming
their outpost into their new capitol.  Those humans that lived in Wallachia
fell sway under elven rule over the next few centuries, but the green elves
are famous for governing with a light touch and the humans ruled by them
have not chafed much.

Settlements in Wallachia have usually been self-governing, as per elven
philosphy, although their have been exceptions during its history. 
Wallachia City and Radobaj entered into an alliance called the Wallachia
Confederation, which existed for a period of about a century and a half. 
The Wallachia Confederation had a joint government with Ralnoth for several
decades.  The centaurs' attitude toward their neighbors has changed
drastically over the years.  At one time, relationships between Skerrit's
Haven and the rest of Wallachia have been warm enough that they shared
governmental and military responsibilties--indeed, Skerrit's Haven was even
part of Wallachia Confederation for a time.  Throughout its history,
however, the centaurs have been equally hostile, even mounting military
campaigns against Radobaj and Ralnoth at different times in the past.

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