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AABN:  48724
Title: a book entitled, 'Godslayer, volume two'

Godslayer: a biography of Don Milano Juan-Pedro Gonzales Andorra
written by Don Juan Alejandro Ortiz Gonzales and Marina Cortez
(volume 2)

As an Avalonian mercenary, Milano participated in several campaigns,
primarily against the Underdark monsters that infested the mountains west
of Orton.  During his last campaign, he was part of a small company of
mercenaries sent in the defense of Linholt against the Rubicons.  When the
city fell, he fled into the Great Desert rather than be captured.  He
briefly stayed with the Biarig tribe before returning to Avalon, eager to
face the Rubicons in an Avalonian counterattack.  When it was apparent that
Avalon was not going to attempt to liberate Linholt, Milano quit the army
in digust.  Milano returned to the Biarig and stayed with them for several
months and even took a Biarig wife named Maha.  Milano was 18.

Taking his family with him, Milano found work as an explorer for the
Ralnoth chapter of the Cartographers' Guild.  Milano's first job for the
guild was to map out the Aztec Jungle.

The first Aztec Milano encountered was Marina, just outside of
Huixtocihuatl.  Marina became Milano's guide in Aztec lands.  While mapping
out the empire, Milano was arrested by suspicious Aztec soldiers and sent
bound and gagged to the emperor, who was Montezuma at the time.  In order
to assauge Montezuma's fears, Milano pledged himself to be his servant. 
Montezuma was well-educated and appreciated Milano's tales of his world
travels and also of his Zulian heritage.  After killing a jaguar
bare-handed in defense of Montezuma while accompanying him through the
jungle, Montezuma gave Milano one of his daughters to marry.

When Milano saw the Aztecs' rituals of human sacrifice, he was digusted and
horrified.  He begged Montezuma to stop, but the Aztecs were fearful that
their gods would withhold their blessings, and that they would all die as a
result.  Driven to stop this evil practice, he gathered his entourage and
as many Aztec men as would follow him to storm the domain of Tlaloc the
rain god and slew the evil deity and all of his minions.  Montezuma
bequeathed Quetzacoatl to Milano as a reward, and ordered his people to
evacuate and make room for Milano.  Milano renamed the place "Nueva

Leaving his family in the care of Montezuma, Milano took the spoils he had
pillaged from Tlaloc's realm to have a special ship that would survive the
rigors of the long trip back to Sloe constructed for him in Daigaku-Tatami.
Milano and his entourage then sailed to Sloe, where they anchored at the
tiny island of Granada and clandestinely gathered colonists and supplies
for the return trip.  It was extremely easy for Milano to find people
willing to leave the war-torn island of Sloe.  Milano even found a number
of long-lost relatives who also came with him.  A number of other ships
joined Milano, and they all sailed back to Nueva Granada, although some of
the ships did not survive the journey and were lost to the perils of the

Milano had the ships scuttled and the new colonists moved into Nueva
Granada.  They were extremely successful in farming.  Milano paid a 10%
tithe of all of their increase to Montezuma.

Montezuma died and his heir was murdered by Cuauhtemoc, who then became
emperor of the Aztecs.  Cuauhtemoc increased Milano's tribute to 20%, which
he paid without much complaint because the colony was doing so well, but
later this increased to 50%.  Milano and his people found this to be too
onerous and refused to pay the increase, so Cuauhtemoc mustered his armies
and attacked Nueva Granada.

Nueva Granada has been fending off attacks from Tenochtitlan ever since. 
As governor, Milano has organized his colony's defense in two major wars
against the Aztecs along with countless raids and skirmishes, in many of
which he has engaged in personal combat.  Milano has also survived an
assassination attempt by the Gohk Shin.

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