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AABN:  48738
Title: a book entitled, 'Wallachia City, Abode of the Green Elves'

Wallachia City, Abode of the Green Elves by Resaech, Guildmaster of Mages

Late in the Age of Chaos, green elves planted an burr oak acorn that they
carefully grew and transformed into a watchtower.  They called the tree
Meelo, and it stood vigil over their northern border for many years.  As
more elves moved northward, Meelo was expanded to accommodate them.  When
the green elves were driven their ancestral homes southwest of Ralnoth, the
whole population retreated and moved northward, rallying to their
northernmost outpost: the humble watchtower of Meelo.  There the elves
re-organized their civilization, and made Meelo their new capitol.  The
elves adopted the name of the province from their human neighbors, and
henceforth it was known as Wallachia City, although the tree itself is
still affectionately referred to as Meelo.

The vast majority of the inhabitants of Wallachia City are still green
elves.  Wallachia City is the heart of green elven art and culture.  The
city consists of different sized huts connected by rope-bridges, catwalks
and ladders.  The walls of huts are grown from nearby branches, and gaps
are filled in with broken branches which are bound to the living limbs. 
Huts are capped with hide canopies. These canopies are beautifully crafted,
many with elaborate patterns or murals.  Having an attractive hut canopy is
a source of pride for a resident of Wallachia City.

After the green elves relocated to Wallachia City, they were aggressively
proselytized by the Church of Dentin.  The missionaries were very
successful, and, as a result, Dentin remains the most popular deity
worshiped in Wallachia City to this day.  His faith is so popular that the
current government is a theocracy patterned after the government of
Ralnoth.  The high priest of Wallachia City acting as the supreme leader,
called the "Hierarch".  Lawgiving and judicial activities are executed by
priests called "Prelates".  Together, these prelates form a legislative
quorum called the "Prelature".

Although the green elf race has spread out to neighboring communities,
Wallachia City has remained an independent city-state, a nation unto itself
for much of its existence.  Wallachia City has occasionally entered into
alliances with neighboring Wallachian communities.  Wallachia City was even
confederated with Ralnoth for a several decades before their alliance

Inhabitants of Wallachia City enjoy a largely vegetarian diet consisting of
meticulously prepared berries, nuts and mushrooms gathered from the forests
roundabout,  although their hunters supplement this diet with occasional
wild game, such as pheasant, venison and conies.  They do not raise
livestock and typically do not keep animals even as pets except for small
birds such as pigeons or doves.  These rare pets may come and go as they
please but are trained to return home at night.  Denizens of Wallachia City
never keep animals in cages.

Wallachia City is supplied with water from a well deep in the ground
underneath of Meelo.  The tree draws the water upward, and it is funneled
through hollow branches that act as plumbing, supplying water to every hut.
Waste is similarly wisked away by a series of hallow wooden pipes that
deposit it underground.

The Wallachia City standard consists of three horizontal stripes behind a
stylized, symmetrical oak tree with six branches, which represents the tree
Meelo.  The topmost stripe is brown and represents the province of
Wallachia.  The middle stripe is blue and represents the Green River which
separates the green elves from the high elves.  The bottommost stripe is
white and represents the Tree of Sentience, the mythological birthplace of
all elves. 

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