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AABN:  48749
Title: a book called, 'Human Supremacy Cults'

Human Supremacy Cults by Goldmoon, High Priestess of Bobcat

Human supremacy is a concept derived from the human creation myth that they
were directly created by Dentin rather than by one of his colleagues or
agents, and that because of this they are afforded certain rights and
privileges that other races are not.  While the concept of human supremacy
is not a new one, it has not been a commonly accepted one within the
diverse world of Alter Aeon.  Groups dedicated to the idea of human
supremacy have come and gone, yet there remains in modern times certain
humans who have taken up this cause and continue to teach it.

Human supremacy groups are outlawed outright in many cities around the
world, such as Elborat, Finspang, Ritterholm and Vandar.  There are two
modern cults of human supremacists.

Our God's Chosen are a sect of humans who worship Dentin and believe in
human supremacy.  They have a strong and well-funded cult in the city of
Ralnoth, where their bigotry is generally tolerated or ignored by the
population at large.

Human supremacists also have a small cult in the city of Naginag called the
Fraternity of Man, but the citizens of the Naginag Combine are far less
forgiving toward their racist attitude, and they are marginalized as
extremists by the general population.

These sects teach that Dentin is the greatest of all gods and is the
creator of the universe, as do most worshipers of Dentin, but many of the
tenets of their faith differ from other churches of Dentin and put them in
conflict with other worshipers of Dentin, such as:

- Humans are the only race that Dentin himself created and that all others
are crude mockeries created by other gods or that have evolved naturally.

- Dentin is the god of humans and only humans are fit to serve as his

- The souls of humans become angels after they die, and the souls of all
other creatures become demons.

- Elves, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings are demihumans and are tolerated so
long as they serve humans.  All other sentient races should be destroyed. 
Humans are destined to rule the known universe.

- Friendly contact with other races is forbidden.  This ban includes
commerce.  Half-elves, half-orcs and all other human crossbreeds are

- A human should perish rather than subjugate himself to a lesser race.

- Ralnoth is sacred ground and only humans should be allowed to live there.

- Tattoos are discouraged as they mar the perfection that Dentin has given
to each human being.

Despite their discriminatory policies, the tenets of human supremacists are
such that they have been inspired toward more benevolent acts.

Human supremacist priests have been instrumental in the development of
cleric spells to repair and regenerate withered or severed limbs in an
effort to keep their adherents whole and in keeping with what they believe
Dentin intended.  They also have invented a battery of spells for fertility
and pregnancy health.  These spells, while geared primarily toward humans,
have been able to be easily adapted for other humanoid races.

Human supremacists also teach that humans are all part of a global
brotherhood and should treat each other with respect and kindness.  They
actively lobby in human nations to keep them on good terms with other human
nations and avoid war with fellow human beings.

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