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AABN:  48891
Title: a scroll titled "Common Suborian Herbs"

coldfire blossom - this herb has blade-like leaves and a slender stem that
bears a single dark purple flower. The blossom resembles that of a lily,
though it bears no visible stamen or pistil. It has never been known to
bear seeds and seems to reproduce solely through the branching of its

dragonbreath bush - this shrub bears dark, shiny foliage and showy yellow
flowers. The flowers have a sharp, lively aroma said to resemble sulfur.
They are prized for seasoning lively soups and stews.

dragonlily - these showy, trumpet-shaped blossoms are prized by florists
and herbalists alike. The nodding variety are collected by worshippers of
Morpheus to use as incense.

dragontongue flowers - these large, showy flowers resemble irises. Common
colors are silver, gold and crimson. They are found mostly in fertile
valleys, but can be harvested nearly anywhere.

eucalyptus trees - this diverse group of trees are most common in the
forests and deserts of Riaza, though they can be found nearly anywhere. The
leaves are aromatic but mildly toxic. Likewise, the bark has a powerful but
not unpleasant odor that lends itself well to salves and tinctures.

frostwort - there are two varieties of this herb, greater and lesser. They
both have pale green roots, but that of greater frostwort is larger and
less fibrous.

hellebore - the foul-smelling roots of these low-growing herbs are more
useful for brewing poisons than medicines.

icicle root - the top of this plant resembles the graceful, feathery
appearance of members of the carrot family. Its root, however, is quite
strange. It is roughly conical and foggy, translucent white in color. It is
as hard as the ice it resembles.

laserwort - this graceful plant with feathery leaves smells much like the
fennel plant it resembles. It adds a sweet flavor to recipes.

liverwort - generally found in the colder areas of Suboria, the various
species of liverwort have low-growing stems covered with minute waxy
leaves. Their presence is good indicator of underground water.

tundra lichen - these plant-like growths can be found in some of the
coldest and most forboding regions of Suboria, though they can survive
nearly anywhere, even the interior desert of Riaza. They can be nearly any
color of the rainbow.

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