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AABN:  49600
Title: a book titled 'The Skinwalkers'

The skinwalkers live a simple life, they hunt, fish, craft what they can
out of  wood, stone, bone, skins and the few gems they find.

They have fields they plant, they have several grazing animals they can get
milk or make cheese and the like.

They catch fish from the lake and the river that lies in the center of
their village.

The males wear only their skin and a loincloth, the females and children
wear a tunic or wrap made out of the left over skins.

Although made out of bone, wood or stone their tools and weapons are finely
crafted. One of their favorite weapons is a wooden club embedded with razor
sharp shark teeth.

Every few months they gather up a group and head to Gianasi to hunt down a
few of the great animals from which they will gather skins, bone and enough
meat to last them several months.

They get their name from the special ability they have to turn into the
animal whose skin they wear. Each warrior joins the hunt, each time an
animal is killed the shaman will try to bind one of the warriors not
already bound to that animal. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

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