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AABN:  50803
Title: The book of legends, the white draconians

The white draconians are a much rarer breed of Draconian, formed when, in
desperation, the mages began to use the eggs of evil dragons for their
rituals. Surprisingly, just as the eggs of good dragons had yielded evil
draconians, the eggs of evil dragons produced good draconians. Their kind is
created through the use of a mold that was found to grow on dwarves. This
mold is then spread onto the eggs of dragons. Their Priests had found a way
of keeping and reproducing this mold. They collected a large quantity of this
mold and found if mixed with mud from the caves of the dwarves the mold would
continue to live. Each egg is said to produce three draconians. It takes
several years for the egg to hatch and once a year they must aquire a new egg
from the frost dragon in the ice realm. Which their mages have perfected a
way to teleport right to the chamber to grab the egg and be gone within
seconds. In years past they lost many to the dragon and yet their race of
draconians has survived for many centuries.
So began the legend of the white draconians.

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