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AABN:  50880
Title: the book of legends, the Snowborn Elves

Thought to be forgotten long ago in the waste lands of the frozen North
lives a clan of Snow Elves. This elven clan is more commonly known as the
Snowborn Elves. Beautiful and reclusive these wild elves can hide
effortlessly in their icy surroundings. Ever watchful for lost travelers,
these elves take special care to help others find their way. Don't ever
take their kindness as being weak, for they are very skilled warriors,
rangers and druids.

Ancient scrolls tell of their superior craftsmanship of fine art,
children's toys and their skill at making scrimshaw trinkets, jewelry,
armor and weapons out of knucklehead trout. The scrolls also mention they
are renowned for their ability to work with skins and scales, due to
their carefully guarded secrets for curing and treating they can craft
some of the strongest and most beautiful pieces of armor.

They prefer to wear leather, skins or their own special garb. This garb
is normally made up of any type of clothing they can craft out of the
various skins or hides found in their surroundings.

They have a close relationship with the snowhammer clan of frost dwarves
in the caves to the north of their home of Silverwind. Often trading or
working with these dwarves to create even finer weapons and pieces of


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