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AABN:  50909
Title: a book titled "How to identify the plants of the Dark Moon Forest"

Opening the cover of this green leather book,
you find its all about identifying the plants of the Dark Moon Forest on the nightmare plane.

The aphroditi plant has urn shaped, light pink flowers with rounded dark
green leaves And toothed edges. These leaves are used in many love potions
and aphrodisiacs.

The peppery plant has yellow flowers with thick and spade shaped reddish
green leaves. The leaves from this plant are very zesty and are often used to
spice up brews.

The dragonsbane plant has dark purple flowers with brilliant silver leaves
that are spiky and spear shaped. This plant while still in the ground is very
lethal to dragons. The leaves must be prepared by a very knowledgeable
alchemist in order to keep the lethal effect they have on dragons.

The night blooming lotus has dark green flowers and black serrated leaves.
Warning this plant is aggressive and very poisonous. Many thieves and
assassins use these flowers in brewing poisons.

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