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AABN:  51073
Title: the history of the mages Krustallos and Corbin and their banishment

History speaks of two mages that were banished to the plane of nightmares.
One was Krustallos, which was a drow priestess that put all of her time
into learning magic. The other was Corbin who had a fascination with
necromancy and the undead. They became friends and lovers and had worked
together in search of the strongest magic. A teacher of theirs had caught
their imagination and attentions with talk of the ultimate power. This had
led them to study under this teacher and learn the dark arts. Corbin
dwelled even deeper into necromancy and often practiced his arts on many of
the local town's people. Krustallos studied the crystal magic's and would
often go into the forest to practice her magic, in most cases leaving it
totally destroyed and void of all life. Finally the council of mages caught
onto them and decided to banish them to the plane of nightmares where both
had been placed in heavily warded prisons. A few years later with the help
of a young and trusting priestess Corbin had escaped and found the temple
of bones. He now works to create an army of the undead to help him free his
only friend and lover.

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