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AABN:  51540
Title: The Castigation of Demons

This book is bound in blue-dyed leather with its title stamped in gold
leaf. The pages are thick parchment, and the writing is in an archaic mode
that is difficult to decipher.  The text discusses the theoretical
connections between demons and angels, and the resistances to attacks that
depend on the inate goodness or evil of the attacker upon such beings and
why they fail.  The book goes on to demonstrate how to cast the censure
demon curse. It notes that besides diminishing the resistance of demons to
the forces of  good, the curse also lowers their natural resistance to
physical damage.  The book speculates that due to the connections between
angels and demons that the curse is also effective against angels.   It
ends with a speculation that vespers, angels that exist outside of the
angelic choirs, and the fallen, angels that have turned from good to evil,
are a possible "missing link" between angels and demons.

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