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AABN:  5198
Title: a book entitled "A Visitor's Guide to the Kurita Province"

The Kurita Province is a nation in south-central Atmir. The capitol is the
imperial city of Daigaku-Tatami, which sits on the coast of the Southern
Ocean. There are several small villages under its protection. These include
Inari, Bo Shin Tao, Hisui and the tiny salt-mining outpost of Basho-Shio.
Most of their dead are interred in the Kurita Graveyard.

The Kurita Province is ruled by a Daimyo, a hereditary leader, who lives in
the castle on the east side of Daigaku-Tatami. The Daimyo is served by
numerous minor nobles and guarded by an elite retinue of samurai warriors.

The Kurita Province is one of the major centers of the Order of Harmony.
There is a dojo in Daigaku-Tatami and a monastery at Jade Mountain south of
Hisui with its associated jade quarry. The southern half of the Amagawa
River flows through Kurita Province, and they also lay claim to the
westernmost portion of the Kings' Highway and the sparsely inhabited
coastal region south of it.

The Kurita Province is on good terms with its neighbors. There is a truce
with the Aztec Empire and Khal-Uktar, brokered by the Order of Harmony to
prevent war over the quarry at Jade Mountain. They have very friendly
relations with Nueva Granada, to their west. They actively trade with both
Avalon and Ralnoth, and oriental merchants have made their way as far as
the island of Sloe. They seldom have contact with the Naginag Combine, as
the Salt Flats lay between the two nations. What little trade goes on
between the two is cordial enough. Jo'Kerin and the Dunn Hurr are too
distant to have any real interaction with them.

The Kurita Province is technically a vassal of the Dragon Emperor of
Suboria -- Daigaku-Tatami is a colony. However, they enjoy a great deal of
autonomy, to the point they have established colonial villages of their
own. They sometimes send a token tribute of exotic mainland goods to
Suboria as a show of good faith.

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