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AABN:  52226
Title: A Guide to Glibness, part two

Selection from Lesson Two: How to Lie and Get Away With It

"...but, the biggest secret to lying is to lie as little as possible! 
Sentient beings have built-in, instinctual defenses against deception.  The
mind's subconscious constantly perceives the tone of speech and body
language in an effort to discern truth.  The less you lie, the less likely
you will arouse suspicion.

    Let's present a scenario to demonstrate this principle.  A thief is
attempting to pickpocket a young elvish woman so he can buy a new sword,
and she catches him with his hands in her backpack.  She loudly accuses
him of being a thief!  Consider the following possible responses:

    1.  'Ma'am, I was not robbing you!  These coins were falling out, and I
was simply putting them back!'

    This is a blatant and poor lie.  Unless it is a cheaply-made backpack,
things don't simply spill out on their own.

    2. 'I was indeed taking a few coins, kind maiden, but only because I'm
starving and have nothing to eat!'

    This is much better.  The thief doesn't try to deny what he's obviously
doing, so he's more likely to be believed when he says that he needs the
money for food.  The less lying you do, the more potent your lies

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