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AABN:  52228
Title: A Guide to Glibness, part four

Selections from Lesson Four: Faking It

"...and sincerity is the most powerful weapon at the glib thief's disposal.
 Learn to fake sincerity, and you'll have them eating out of your hand..."

"...and always remember the three steps of insincere repentance:

    Remorse.  Pretend to be sorry.  Put a crack or edge on your voice,
avoid eye contact and look at the ground a lot, and maybe even throw in a
few tears.

    Apologize.  Proud thieves die young.  Saying that you're sorry goes a
long way, whether you mean it or not.

    Promise.  Offer some kind of intangible recompense, and tell them that
you'll never do it again.  Promise them anything if they'll just let you

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