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AABN:  53436
Title: a map of Kordan

This map of Kordan shows the major cities and towns, as well as a few roads
and trails.  The rough center of the island seems to be the  northern end
of the Haunted Highway, on the road between Indira and Naphtali.  Also near
the center of the island is the Gnomian village, and a small icon labeled
the Holy Grove.

The two major cities are Indira on the west side of Kordan, and Naphtali on
the east side.  Along the southern edge is the city of New Thalos.

Along the northern edge to the west is the ancient lava plain housing
Ancala, the ancient petrified dragon.  Along the northern edge to the east
lie a small orc village and the Moogle village.

On the northeast corner, there are a number of islands including Ancestral
Island and the Pleiad island group.  Southeast of Naphtali further out in
the ocean is another large island that you can get to by chartering a boat
in Naphtali.

There are two major named forests.  In the northwest section near Indira is
the Spider forest, which is said to house a large colony of spiders.  In
the southeast section bordering the ocean is the  Kordwood, a thick forest
rich in natural resources.

In the southwest section of the island between New Thalos and Indira lies
the Forgotten Muskeg, an uninhabited area not suitable for farming,
building, or roads.

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