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AABN:  53645
Title: the tome of Demonic Lore

This book has been bound in a soft, red leather. The first
page has been titled "Demon familiars".

I have found that demon familiars give the following

The black, horned demon will increase ones hit points and
damage resistance.

The winged red imp will increase ones attacks, movement and
overall mana.

The azure blue demon increases ones elemental protection
and their ability to replenish mana from the elemental
spells cast upon them.

The ebony scaled demon gives a boost to ones spell, breath
and poison resistances and their overall hp regen.

The energetic green demon increases ones mana and movement

However, because they are very low level demons, they are
fragile and are ill suited for combat.  If injured, they
will return to their home plane and consider their contract

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