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AABN:  54998
Title: a book titled 'Frostshard, Snowsilver and Pyrestone'


Frostshard Ore is an ice ore used to make weapons and some armor. The
ore is mined from the coldest parts of the world and is pretty much
ice that doesn't melt. Any metallic item can be made out of
Frostshard Ore, and such items are like ice but as strong as steel.
The weapons and armor shine a brilliant light-blue color.


Snowsilver like the frostshard is an extremely rare substance only
found in the deepest, coldest mines. It's like alchemic silver in
most ways, except it is cold to the touch and has a glowing aspect
about it. Items made from snowsilver will draw in the coldness,
absorbing it and turning it into a form of protection against the
breath of a dragon. Making it a primary favorite for weapons and
armor of dragon Hunters in colder lands.


Pyrestone is the opposite of frostshard in that it is warm to the
touch and appears as if it were made out of fire. It is a dark red
stone-like material that occasionally flares a bright red. It is the
only known material strong enough to use in mining or to forge
frostshard or snowsilver. Pyrestone is most commonly found in the
deepest and hottest of places.

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