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AABN:  560
Title: The Book of Sea Knowledge

This leather-bound book has yellowed, discolored pages that appear to have
suffered water damage. The content is a collection of short stories and
illustrations of artifacts made or used by angels and demons, and how they
were blessed in the Sea of Rust. It mentions a few by name, including the
Sacred Annulus, the ring of the vesper, the Kimono of the Hisui Spirit and
the Eye of Takar. Demonic artifacts ritually washed in the Sea would lose a
portion of their malevolence, and objects of angelic make would be blessed.

One entry, for a weapon called "the dagger of Nar", has extensive notes
written in the margins. There is a diagram of the dagger, which has a
curved blade and a handle of obsidian, with the notes pointing to the dark
gem in its pommel indicating it as the most important component.

The notes include a floor plan for a temple complex built inside of a
volcano, runic formulae and a list of place names. The names near the top
of the list have been crossed off:

Lehmhaus, Steinhaus, K'tin Lake, Marikest, Mount Knochenaufsatz,
Wellinghall, Mount Sartis

The final four entries have not been crossed off:

Dhaal, Khal-Uktar, Mount Zendular, Mount Glas

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