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AABN:  56950
Title: Russel's journal

You turn the journal to the first page and start skimming it over, reading
the most important parts..

We arrived on this island around thirty years ago. Our boat carrying ten
passengers crashed on the shore of this island during a massive storm that
we were simply not prepared for.

Over the years, we have managed to make a community for ourselves and have
found ways to make this island life work for us.

We've tried to get off of the island, but we have never been successful.
Several months after we crashed here, my son tried to create a raft and see
if he could find land. We never saw to him again. 

He recently became engaged to his to be wife before our boat crashed. I
believe it's the desperation of wanting to get back to her that made him
think irrationally and build the raft without any real concrete plan. 

We know this island is a long distance away from any of the islands or the
mainland. He was determined to find civilization and get out of here and
get back to her.

We've tried lighting fires on the beach to try to get other ships that may
be sailing by to notice us, without success. Our boat was damaged beyond
repair, we've salvaged what we could. We were lucky. A good bit of the
supplies on our ship either landed on the shore undamaged, or simply
floated on the waves until we could retrieve them.

We're settling into this calmer, more peaceful way of life. We still hope
someday to make it off of the island, however our current existence is not
bad. We've had troubles, but for the most part our life here isn't bad at

Perhaps in the long run this stranding was a good thing. It has allowed us
to enjoy the more simple things in life, away from the world. 


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