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AABN:  58520
Title: a small book with silver pages

The book is light and in extremely good condition, as though an incredibly
strong protection spell had been cast on it to make it last through the
ages.  The script is beautiful, and the pages  seem to be made of pure
silver, enchanted to handle like paper yet be far, far stronger.

For all that, the content of the book is surpassingly awful.  It is clearly
a book of curses, describing rituals and punishment curses well beyond the
capacity of the sane to apply, much less endure.  

About halfway through, the content changes.  While the first half of the
book focuses the application of terror and revenge, the second half seems a
thorough treatise in setting up large scale curses and spells which can
affect large areas.

Gradually, the second half shifts from the technical details of the
spellcasting, and delves into more practical applications: making large
scale curses which are undetectable, extremely hard to break, and
insidious.  It then begins to cross reference the curses in the first half,
leaving the reader with many, many  options for a potential scorched earth

The only thing that eases the slight upset in your stomach is knowing that
at least some of these techniques simply don't work. It has been a very
long time since this book was written, and some of the magic described in
it is simply wrong.  On a whim, you try to cast one of the extremely simple
diagnostic spells, and it doesn't even bind a magical charge when you're

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