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AABN:  60012
Title: a black tome

History of the Malifous Family
Many years ago, there was a great and powerful necromancer known as
Josaed Malifous. He was a humble man that was highly intelligent that was
always eager to learn. He lived as a hermit for many years in a small
house near Azeroth Keep. He traveled the lands in search of any and all
information dealing with or about necromancy. He one day met a woman in
Gad's Landing that gave him many old tomes about necromancy. This woman
was my aunt, which I know very little about other than what I write in
this book.  Anyway, her and Josaed became very close and in time had
three sons  they were Pantrell, Deeamos and Darsakius. My aunt had died
giving birth to the youngest of the three Darsakius.

While raising the three sons the best he could, Josaed still continued
his work in necromancy. In time the boys grew older and each was eager to
learn, but Josaed noticed each had a greed for power, not only over their
brothers but over everything and everyone else. So, Josaed thought it
would be best to only teach the basics to each and then to teach each
only one of the more powerful skills and spells. To Pantrell he taught
how to control the dead, to Deeamos he taught how to raise the dead and
to Darsakius he taught how to summon and to control demons. Pantrell and
Deeamos left home and both moved into places of their own in a graveyard
near Dragon Tooth where they continued their studies and tried to think
of ways to acquire the knowledge of the other. Both were equal in power
and could not force or take the information from the other and to this
day are still looking for a way to acquire the knowledge from the other.

On the other hand, Darsakius found that through his demons he could earn
a fair amount of gold from others that were seeking information. He used
his demons to find out the information sought after, report their
findings to him and he would sell it to the ones seeking the information.
As his wealth grew the greedier he became, he built a large mansion
somewhere in the swamps between Gad's Landing and Dragon Tooth. It was a
large mansion with many servants and people constantly visiting. One day,
Darsakius was called upon to get some information for a mage somewhere
on the island of Archais. Well, the mage did not like the answer he
received and blasted Darsakius, he was badly burned and many felt he
wouldn't survive the night. Darsakius did survive and went on with his
life. Kids pointed and laughed at him and those that once called him
friend now avoided him like the plague. He swore vengeance on the mage
and all of the rest of the human race. He became a hermit and locked
himself away in his mansion and has sworn to stay there until he can
find a way to make everyone pay.

Cyrilla the Black

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